Online friends who became real life best friends

The “Memories” section of my Facebook has been lighting up the past few days with some of the fondest memories I have. Isn’t it funny how you can meet someone and instantly know they’re going to be someone important in your life? And not only that one person, but you end up meeting their friends and family who become your friends and family as well, and vice versa. And who says you shouldn’t meet people online?! I have met two out of my three best friends online!

I’m usually pretty guarded when talking to people and messaging online, but for some reason that I can only assume was from a higher power, I didn’t have my guard up with my best friend who I will simply call “Twin” because that is what we call one another daily. He was and still is the male version of me. Same twisted sense of humor, same background, living a mirrored life on the other side of the planet, and with an almost identical personality. I can’t tell you how many times we say “me too!” to each other. The great thing is that our partners are in for our crazy ride with us. The four of us all get along as if we were made to be on a permanent double date together. You know when you laugh so hard you can barely gasp for air and have tears streaming down your face? That’s how it is every time the four of us are together. We fly out to Australia to visit him every few months and even went there for New Year’s Eve and skated into 2018 together! He is the brother I never had and I cannot remember how life was before he came into it!

Thirteen years ago I met my other best friend, “M” in an online fan forum for Gerard Butler! LOL It was one of those things where we were talking amongst other locals, she and I lived near each other, kept responding with “me too!”, and became instant friends and ultimately, the sister I never had! The first time we went out was to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (I was stoked that she too was a HP fan). INSTANT friends – we had a blast together every time we went out. We have taken girls trips across the US and Canada, I have taken her as my date to a film premiere and Hollywood party, we have supported one another in our ventures and listened when we feel like we’re failing. We have always called each other our “partner-in-crime” and we are…nothing but trouble together! When we put our heads together we are lethal – there’s no getting past us. And yet…I met her online and she wasn’t crazy (I was the crazy one, she had no idea what she was getting herself into! LOL).

Of course, meeting people online has some serious risks and there are a helluva lot more wackadoos than normal folks (no seriously, I have encountered several in the past two years). But, I’m thankful my gut instinct told me that Twin was a keeper and that M and I got together that one night to go see Harry Potter. I found people who my life would just be incomplete without. My husband and I have had the most amazing adventures across the US and Australia because of Twin – places we would have never seen otherwise. M and I have had so many laughs, adventures, and fangirling together – I can’t imagine life without her! And the best day ever was just one year ago when Twin came to visit us in Chicago (before we all went on trips around the US together!) and I had all three of my best friends, my sweet husband, and my in-laws all in one backyard and in the same picture. One of the most memorable nights of their week-long visit here!

The family

We plan to go visit Twin and our Australian family in October and hopefully he can return to the US next year and go on more adventures together. And I hope one day M can accompany me there so she can see the beautiful country that Australia is AND meet the people who are so dear to me there. She would LOVE them!

So while meeting people online can usually be a risky thing, every now and then you find a real goldmine of a friend.