Thank you!

Breakfast outside early on a Sunday morning in downtown Chicago. How does he look so great and I look like a hag once the war paint is wiped off? LOL

Wow. I am truly in awe by the response I got from my post about my husband yesterday! All of the comments on my author page and personal page, the private messages, and the emails from my readers have truly been humbling. I literally wrote that post while my daughter took a shower before we settled in to watch a movie last night. I was still on a high from the wedding that my husband and I attended downtown, stayed overnight at the swanky hotel where it was held, and had breakfast outside the following morning while people watching. I just wanted to pay the man tribute before the night escaped me!

He’s amazing and those of you who know him know that he’s definitely one in a million!

Thank you again, all of you! You have truly made my Monday (boooo to Mondays) so much brighter!