Writing the final Davenport Manor!

I have had so many people ask me when the final Davenport Manor will be released, which is so humbling knowing that my readers have enjoyed the series that much! But, embarrassing because I had such a horrible case of writer’s block when it come to the final book, The Lazarus. I have written a few other books in between, but never had an inspiration to come up with the story for the series that I hold so dear to me. My inspiration? My daughter.

She is nearly fourteen years old now and I let her start reading the young adult editions of Davenport Manor. She is my most honest critic and tells me when she thinks one of my books suck or when they’re addicting. She has never begged to read DM since she is not into vampires or supernatural stuff, but she recently expressed an interest and asked if she could check them out. So, I gave her the first three in the series and she has been reading them as her required reading at school.

In her words yesterday: “I’m addicted!”

My heart burst! She has been bragging to her classmates that the books were written by her mom (I guess one girl didn’t believe her since I use a pen name and she opened the back cover to show the girl my picture). She knows the plot of the final book and what ultimately happens, so she got on me to finish it. It’s one thing when you have readers messaging you asking when i will be done, but another when you have a reader living under the same roof harassing you! Hahaha! I’m on it. I’m inspired. I’m ready to wrap up the story of the Davenport Manor vampires. I will finish the series before I write another book–I promise.